Nutiva Organic Hempseed, Raw Shelled, 3 Pound

Rich in protein, with omega-3 and minerals, hemp is the world’s most nutritious seed. The hemp seed is the richest known source of polyunsaturated fats, containing a perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-6 linoleic acid and omega-3 linoleic acid. In fact, the hemp seed balance of Omega 3 to 6 fats is the perfect proportion for human dietary needs, making hemp an ideal addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle. We simply remove the seeds’ hard shells, yielding a 100% raw culinary product that tastes like pine nuts. Enjoy Nutiva hempseeds straight out of the bag or sprinkle on your favorite foods.
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2001 Mini Cooper Special Edition in Black by AUTOart

This diecast model car is manufactured in 1:18 Scale. The model is very nicely detailed and accurate. The model is hand painted and polished to a beautiful finish. The interior, undercarriage, wheels, suspension, and exhaust are nicely replicated.
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Expansion Is Always an Option for Haulage Companies

If you operate a haulage firm and carry out delivery jobs and back loads you may have thought about growing your company at some point. If you want to increase your business, expanding into a new territory should always be seen as an option.Pal-Ex Expands to PolandPal-Ex is a large haulage firm that has recently announced that it will be expanding into Poland. It already has operations in four other European countries – France, Italy, Iberia and Romania – and this is the latest stage of its successful expansion. The firm is well known, having been founded by Hilary Devey who starred in ‘Dragon’s Den’. The aim is to get the Polish arm up and running by May 2013. Is Expansion an Option for You?Although not all haulage firms are as large as Pal-Ex, if you run a business carrying out delivery jobs and back loads you will probably be looking at expanding at some point.By growing your business you can enlarge your network and increase profits. You may even end up creating a haulage empire!Tips for ExpansionIt is possible for any haulage company to start to expand, no matter how small your firm may currently be. One way is by investing in more vehicles. If you start to enlarge your fleet and purchase some larger vehicles then you may be able to take on more business.You may also want to consider looking into other territories. If you only work in one area of the UK, consider branching out into other area; if you only work in the UK, look into expanding abroad into Europe and beyond.Join an Exchange Network: An Easy Way to Expand OperationsIf you have not yet started to use an exchange network, you should. This can be a very simple way to expand your haulage operations and get more back loads and other jobs.If you want more work, you can team up with other companies and drivers through an exchange network and take jobs that before you could not previously accept. This can enable you to service clients in areas where you have not worked before. If you are a small firm looking for more back loads, joining an exchange network can be very useful. You can fill in when larger companies need drivers and start to earn more and grow your own business. Always Consider Expanding Your CompanyBy expanding your haulage company you can take on more primary jobs and back loads – therefore increasing your profits. Whether you want to start operating outside of your region, or even outside of the UK, start thinking about the possibilities that are available. Remember, something as simple as using an exchange service could really help you to get your expansion up and running.

Wade 72-98143 Clear Platinum Bug Shield

Wade Platinum Bug Shields are a “off the hood” 1 piece design for no flex, flutter or vibration at highway speeds. Made from a clear high impact acrylic they help protect the paint and windshield from rock chips and road debris. These shields are digitally engineered and custom molded to fit your specific year, make and model vehicle. Most applications can be installed using ordinary hand tools with out any drilling. Platinum bug shields are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. 1 piece.
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Getting the Correct Exposure on Your Camera Every Time

Today’s modern digital camera has so many functions on them, that it’s difficult for the new user to grasp every aspect of taking a good photo. A typical menu has so many items in the function list of the Shooting Menu and Set Up menu that no wonder many people prefer the point and shoot cameras to the DSLR cameras. Of course, you could just the Auto mode every time on your digital camera but it seems a waste of money buying this type of camera not to use all of the camera’s capabilities.There are other specialist modes on your camera which preset some of these functions for you. There are Portrait, Scene, Landscape, Children Portraits, Sports, Macro or close up modes. There are also semi auto modes such a Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual modes, which allow you to choose one of the parameters for more control of how you take your photos.What I would like you to do is to get you involved with the Manual mode and set all of the parameters yourself to suit every situation and get the correct exposure every time. No more blown highlights, no more loss of detail in the shadows. A perfectly exposed photo every time you use your camera. Sounds too difficult? Not if you know the secret to understanding exposure.

You first need to work out what kind of shot you want. Is the subject stationary, which means you want to set a large aperture so that the subject is in focus and the background blurred, or do you want to set a smaller aperture and have more or all of the background in focus? Is this an action shot and you want to set a fast shutter speed or do you want intentional blur to simulate speed with a slower shutter speed? Additionally, are you shooting in bright light or low light which means you may want to set a low or a high ISO?The secret to understanding exposure is quite simple. Correct exposure relies on 3 characteristics of the camera. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO. These three are linked so that if you increase one, another will decrease proportionately, while the remaining item is fixed. So, if you want to shoot a scene, and you want to specify a shutter speed of say 1/60s at ISO 200, the aperture would have to F5. Now say you want to shoot the same scene at the same ISO, with a smaller aperture of F8 to give a greater depth of field, the shutter speed has to slow to 1/30s. Similarly, if you want to shoot the same scene with the same aperture, but at a shutter speed of 1/125s to freeze the action better, you would have to increase the ISO to, for example, 640 or 800.There are a couple of extra functions on the camera which help with exposure. The first is the graduated line found in the viewfinder, with a _+ or a -. Whether the + is on the left or the right depends on your camera make. If the view of the shot is under exposed, a line will appear on the more negative side of the graduated line, indicating you need to the decrease the shutter speed, i.e. allow more light into the camera. Conversely, if the view of the shot is over exposed, the line will appear and extend towards the positive side, indicating that you need to increase the shutter speed to allow less light into the camera. You are aiming for an equal, i.e. 0, on the graduated scale.Your camera’s built in exposure meter can be set to spot, centre weighted or matrix. I prefer spot as it gives me more control over how the camera determines the brighter and darker components of the shot. If you half press the shoot button, you can prefocus on a bright area of the view and the camera automatically senses if the shot is going to be over exposed or under exposed. Adjust the settings to give a 0 on the graduated scale in the viewfinder. Now focus on your subject without changing the settings and there will be no blown out highlights in your shot..

The other functions that can help you greatly with exposure are the use of the Histogram and Highlights screen functions once you have taken a shot. Pressing the button with the square and a right arrow in it lets you see a variety of screens associated with your captured shot. One of them is the histogram. A dominant shape to the left signifies under exposure and a shape to the right means over exposure of your shot. Any over exposed areas in your shot will flash on and off in the Highlights screen. These different screen functions can be toggled up and down with the main button where the OK button in the middle.If you want to fine tune the exposure further, the button with the +/- on it allows you to reduce or increase the exposure. Some trial and error may be necessary to get a good result.Don’t forget, using flash will add another factor to understanding exposure.With a bit of practice, you can produce perfect exposures every time.

1999-P U.S. Washington Quarter-NEW JERSEY

Brilliant Uncirculated. The New Jersey quarter, the third coin in the 50 State Quarters® Program, depicts General George Washington and members of the Colonial Army crossing the Delaware River en route to very important victories during the Revolutionary War. The design is based on the 1851 painting by Emmanuel Leutze, “Washington Crossing the Delaware,” which currently hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was a cold Christmas night in 1776 and the Delaware River was frozen in many places. General George Washington calculated the enemy would not be expecting an assault in this kind of weather. He and his soldiers courageously crossed the Delaware River into Trenton, NJ. Using surprise as their greatest weapon, Washington’s army captured over 900 prisoners and secured the town. Later that night, his army continued towards Princeton, NJ, again taking the enemy by surprise. These two victories proved very important to his army as they gave the soldiers courage, hope, and newfound confidence. The ammunition, food and other supplies confiscated from their captives also helped them survive the brutal winter of 1777.
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Eligibility and Benefits of Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation means taking one loan to pay off others. In the recent times we have seen a number of people losing jobs or fearing the risk of losing jobs. Thus imposing financial constraints on one’s day to day life is very important. Proper finance management is very crucial. Debt consolidation is considered one of the ways to mange burdens rather than letting all the loans scattered, with more than one and two or even more repayments to manage monthly.It is common to have a car loan, housing loan, student loan, credit card loan etc all at a single time. Most people do most of their shopping’s using credit card. It is really easier. But all that is easy and comfortable comes with a heavy price! Credit card loans have a huge interest rate that is sometimes even more than an unsecured loan.Banking and financial institutions offer to help these heavily in debt individuals, by taking up their entire debt and merging them to one. Thus you are only liable to a single lender which is of a great psychological relief, than owing many. A debt consolidation management company usually hires a professional, who analyzes the debts and deals with the respective firms to waive off your interest and reduce your outstanding sum. Thus you get a relief of due sum to be paid.There are a few pre-requisites that are necessary to make you eligible for a debt consolidation.1. You have to have a steady income, and must submit proof for the same. Being an employee ensures that you can repay the consolidated loan.
2. Your credit score needs to be good. Someone who has not faulted their repayment wins better trust and a higher chance to be approved for a debt consolidation loan.
3. If you have a working spouse, the credit history of the spouse is also considered.Debt consolidation is especially useful when you have multiple loans causing stress and sleep less nights. Multiple loans mean multiple interests. A debt consolidation loan that you take can be secured or even an unsecured loan. A secured gives you the benefit of having to enjoy a lower interest rate. Though cases of non-secured loan is not very common, you can apply if you have a high income job, and you convince the debt management company that you can manage to pay off this unsecured loan.Before taking any loan, it is always best that you study the pros and cons, and evaluate the benefits, understand the rules and regulations.

Why You Should Read Digital SLR Camera Reviews

If you’re interested in getting a digital SLR camera but are not familiar with the technical specs and features of an SLR, it would do you a lot of good to consult digital SLR camera reviews and guides. Reviews and guides will walk you through the essential features of specific camera models to help you determine which one suits your needs and preferences.Depending on your level of knowledge on SLR cameras and photography, you will find that many of the reviews out there contain terms and phrases that may not be familiar to you. You have terms like ISO, frames per second, dynamic range, etc. See, a lot of digital SLR camera reviews out there already assume that the readers are familiar with the processes involved in using an SLR. So more often than not, these reviews will use the technical specs and features of cameras to describe the good and bad points of a specific camera model. But if you’re an amateur photographer and is really more of a hobbyist, it’s important to first be able to break down the details and know the basic terms and concepts used in describing digital SLR cameras.

Not to worry, there are digital SLR camera reviews and guides out there that cater to beginners and non-technical users of digital SLR cameras. What these reviews and guides do is provide the readers with information and user opinion that is understandable to beginners and amateurs. If you already have specific models in mind, you can just go to photography and camera review sites to look for guides on your chosen digital SLR camera model.You will find guides and reviews for popular dSLR camera models such as Nikon D90, D60, and D80, Canon 40D, Rebel XSi, and Rebel xTi. There are also reviews for Pentax, Olympus, and Sony dSLR models such as Pentax K20D, Olympus E-10, and Sony DSLR – A350. These non-technical SLR camera guides usually contains basic information on how a camera works and how you can optimize and maximize your use of a specific camera model’s specs and features. As mentioned, these are non-technical guides which are easily understandable to first-time SLR camera buyers and beginners.

Another reason why it will do you good to check out digital SLR camera reviews is that you get opinions and suggestions on what the best deal for your money is. Most camera reviews contain price and feature comparisons between camera models to help you make an informed decision before you go and purchase an SLR camera of your own.

Transcend 16 GB Class 6 SDHC Flash Memory Card TS16GSDHC6E

Fully Compatible with SDA 2.0 specification. Suitable for SDHC compliant devices, MLC flash chip with High Speed transfer rate. Perfect for high-end digital devices. Please make sure your device can support SDHC format before you purchase. SDHC host devices can use both SD and SDHC memory cards.
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2 or 4 PACK: Anemone Strapless Seamless Bandeau Removable Padding Black/Black

  • Packs of 2 or 4 (Please check colors for options)
  • Removable Padding
  • Multiple Colors & Color Packs Available
  • Strapless

2 or 4 PACK: Anemone Strapless Seamless Bandeau Removable Padding Black/Black

Here is a super soft and comfy strapless bra. Removable pads. Front center ruching. Easy pull on design. Body Hugging Softness with 4 way stretch. Available in packs of 2 or 4. Please check out the colors for the available packs and colors. This item is s

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